Zen Zadravec

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“Musicianship as Leadership, Community, and Self-expression"

Zen Zadravec 
Jazz Pianist-Keyboardist-Educator-Composer-M.Mus
Assistant Professor of Music
Director of Piano Studies
Department of Music
Marygrove College
8425 McNichols Rd W 
Detroit, MI 48221 

Jazz Pianist/Keyboardist/Composer/Educator

The Marygrove Department of Music offers undergraduate programs designed to prepare students for professional careers in the field of music as well as introductory music courses for students majoring in other disciplines. We strive to provide talented and motivated students with a challenging and supportive music program that invites active exploration of the musical practices from a variety of Western music genres.

With our small class size, students enjoy intensive, interactive engagement with Marygrove faculty and peers, as well as guest artists and lecturers who visit our campus. We are committed to helping our students achieve excellence by learning to integrate musical knowledge and skills into their own unique musical gifts—so that each student may become a well-informed and expressive musician.

Through our mission of “Musicianship as Leadership, Community and Self-expression”, the Marygrove Department of Music strives to provide students with opportunities to develop crucial professional, critical and creative thinking, leadership, and communication skills for lifelong learning.